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About Black Hawk Valuation Services, LLC

Black Hawk Valuation Services, LLC (BHVS) was established in 1995.  BHVS provides residential property valuations to the mortgage banking industry.  Our clients include some of the largest mortgage servicers in the country, including several in the top ten.  

Our clients primarily use the valuations we provide to analyze loans that are delinquent or are in the process of foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation or REO.  We also provide valuations for properties that: have suffered casualty losses; have been condemned; are in involved in litigation; are involved in sales or acquisitions; and for general quality control purposes. 

The valuations we provide take the form of property appraisals produced by certified appraisers or Broker’s Price Opinions (BPO’s) produced by licensed real estate brokers or agents.  We have a network of over 8,000 appraisers, brokers, and agents that provide us with valuations in all 50 states.

BHVS has established an outstanding reputation for:

goldbutton.jpg (1959 bytes)     Quick turn-around time
goldbutton.jpg (1959 bytes)     Quality and accuracy of information
goldbutton.jpg (1959 bytes)     Flexibility to client needs
goldbutton.jpg (1959 bytes)     Reasonable pricing

Our goal is to be the premier provider of property valuations within the mortgage banking industry. Our commitment to technology and customer satisfaction is helping us achieve this goal.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Black Hawk Valuation Services, please contact us at

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