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Operations Manager

Job Description 

The main business function of Black Hawk Valuation Services is to receive property valuation orders from lenders and place those orders with real estate agents and appraisers.  The Operations Manager is responsible for effectively and efficiently managing this process including supervising the staff involved in this process. 

Specific Responsibilities:

Screen new orders to assist staff with proper placement. 

Provide quality control review of completed reports.  Work with staff to correct errors or other problems.  Contact agents or appraisers as needed to resolve issues.  Return completed orders to clients. 

Ensure proper follow-up of existing orders by staff. 

Work with clients to resolve any problems elevated by clients or staff. 

Train new staff as needed.  Train existing staff on new procedures. 

Update procedural documentation manual. 

Design new management reports. 

Assist partners with bookkeeping functions. 

Backup staff handling inbound phone calls. 

Miscellaneous duties as assigned. 

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